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The Homestead at Bedford Cheese Shop

Maybe the best way to tell you about us is to tell you what we aren’t. We aren’t a supermarket that happens to sell cheese. Nor are we part of a big chain, or owned by a multi-national corporation. And we aren’t an e-tailer that’s just in the business of selling cheese online out of a huge warehouse. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead, what we are is an old-fashioned cheese shop dedicated to providing you the finest quality cheeses from around the world. Our small staff of knowledgeable cheesemongers is rigorously trained in the art of properly maintaining cheese so that you can be assured of receiving it in the best possible condition. They’re also committed to providing you the type of friendly customer service that we’re sure will keep you coming back. In fact, some have said that, when it comes to selling cheese, our staff goes to extremes.

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