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Spirituality Classes Coming up in New York

Vortex Intensive/Karmic Acceleration

at Lorraine Goldbloom VortexHealing - Midtown
15 W 39th St 3rd Fl, New York, New York 10018

The Karmic Body, located in the center of our energetic spine, is a place where we hold very dense conditioning and karmic patterns. The intention of this class is to clear the karmic body as quickly and deeply as possible. This evolves and strengthens the entire energy system and accelerates a student’s journey towards becoming free of their karmic...


2 sessions

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Weekly Zohar Connection (New Jersey)

at The Kabbalah Centre NY - Fair Lawn
12-56 River Rd, Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410

The Zohar teaches that every week of the year has its own unique energy that – when channeled through spiritual work – can assist us in every aspect of our life. As we grow and apply the power of each week’s energy to our life, we begin to experience a change in our consciousness, which in turn allows us to see the world through a much larger...


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Astrology 101

at Q.E.D. - Astoria
27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria, New York 11105

Immerse yourself in the enriching, fun and dynamic world of Astrology - signs, planets, houses and aspects.  Not only will you create solid footing around key astrological concepts, you’ll also work intimately with your own natal chart. Uncovering the secrets behind your motivations, needs and desires will expand your capacity to tap into grand...


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Master Phi Vogel Wand III Intent Of Unconditional Love

at Shamanic Fire Reiki

A well awaited class for those who have completed Vogel Wand Healing Technique Intensive Level I & Vogel Wand Power of Intent, Level II. The crystal matrix of the Phi Vogel Wand work within the fields beyond space and time. The sacred geometry of the Vogel wand transfers information directly to the healer. A combination of codes and patterns...

No Upcoming Schedules

Reiki Teacher's Training

at Lisa Guyman - Union Square
51 W 14th St 4R, New York, New York 10011

The Reiki Teacher Workshop attunes you to conduct all levels of the Reiki attunements and teach all classes. Experience a guided meditation and be attuned to the Teacher level of Reiki. Be empowered to attune and teach others. Learn how to structure classes. Get behind the scenes information on Reiki. Get any of your Reiki questions answered....

No Upcoming Schedules

Soul Expansion & Activations for Conscious Creatives

at Back Porch Soap Company - Upper West Side
711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, New York 10025

Many of you are frustrated with where you are in your soul journey. You are ready to move into the "next phase," which you call your "soul mission." Perhaps you aren't sure what you are here to do in this lifetime but you feel an urgency. This group gathering will allow for a pivotal shift in your journey. You will receive messages for your own...


Reiki Masters Training

at Lisa Guyman - Union Square
51 W 14th St 4R, New York, New York 10011

The Reiki Masters attunes you to the Master Symbol and activates the highest level of Reiki. The following is part of Reiki Masters: Experience a guided meditation and be attuned to the Master level of Reiki Be attuned and open to the full level of Reiki energy Become aligned to your higher-self allowing for more guidance Learn the Master symbol,...

No Upcoming Schedules

Annual Blessings of the Animals

at Donna Henes, Urban Shaman - Astoria
32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, New York 11106

(at Socrates Sculpture Park)  Bring your pets – on leashes, in carriers, cages or bowls – to this non-denominational ceremony for all your furry, scaled, and feathered friends. Rain or shine.


Achieving Balance through Kabbalistic Health Principles

at The Kabbalah Centre NY - Union Square
16 W 17th St, New York, New York 10011

The body, mind, and soul are inextricably connected. When one is in need of healing, it won’t be long before the others feel the impact.  The secret to wellness is finding the balance between our physical, emotional, and spiritual realities—between our body, mind, and spirit.  Learn the kabbalistic approach to achieving this balance...


An Evening with Dan Millman-The Hidden School

at New York Open Center - Flatiron
22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

(Higher Teachings of the Peaceful Warrior’s Way)  This evening, Dan Millman, a pioneer on the path of personal evolution and author of 17 books including the international best-selling Way of the Peaceful Warrior, presents teachings from the long-awaited conclusion to that saga — The Hidden School.  His new book opens with...


Create Your Own Wildcrafted, Energetic Essences

at Back Porch Soap Company - Upper West Side
711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, New York 10025

This brand new workshop is an aromatic experience with ancient and sacred wildcrafted botanicals, resins and nature elements. In this nature and spiritual energy-inspired workshop you will learn ways to use wildcrafted botanicals and healing modalities to create your own natural essences. There is no equipment needed, just simple supplies that will...


What's Your Sign?: All about the Sun, Moon & Rising

at Sixth Street Community Center - East Village
638 E 6th St, New York, New York 10009

This workshop will go over the question we all ask ourselves: Whats the difference between the sun, the moon and rising sign?  In astrology, the sun, moon and rising quickly summarize one's personality.  The sun - the light we project to others, what makes us feel vital The moon - the relationship we have to our emotional body The rising...


Walking Meditation

at Brooklyn Botanic Garden - Crown Heights
1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11225

In the words of Vietnamese Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh, “Every step makes a flower bloom under our feet.” Experience peace and inspiration while taking a meditative walk through the Garden. As we align ourselves with nature, we will practice conscious breathing and awaken awareness. Gentle guidance in physical alignment will help us to sense our own...


Shamanic Sound Meditation

at Sacred Arts Research Foundation - Greenpoint
107 Green St, Brooklyn, New York 11222

This shamanic sound meditation ceremony will incorporate indigenous elements, musical instruments, and songs from shamanic cultures across the world including didgeridoo, Tuvan throat singing, South American Icaros, Native American medicine songs and flutes, jawharps, Koshi chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, Arican kalimba, ngoni, and...


Awaken to Your Natural State Using Meditation

at New York Open Center - Flatiron
22 E 30th St, New York, New York 10016

A part of us lives hidden under the continuous thoughts of the mind. In this course, we will use meditation to lift the shadows that cloud this state and uncover who we really are. Meditation is a natural state, and it is possible to return to this state with minimal effort. It’s time to dispel the myth of stopping thoughts. The heart beats and the...


5 sessions