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Capoeira is an extraordinary and unique martial art that originated in 16th and 17th century among the African slaves in Brazil. Its fighting techniques incorporate traditional African components with native elements. Like many dances of African origin, it is practiced within a circle – called “roda” in Portuguese - of spectators and musicians playing a variety of percussion instruments. The live traditional music sets the tempo for the capoeiristas while they compete with a free and creative interplay of movements. The berimbau, a stringed bow-like instrument, is the leading instrument.

Today, the game and its rituals preserve capoeira traditions, while its evolution has introduced many innovations in the movements and techniques.

The main benefits of the practice of capoeira include: endurance, flexibility and alertness as well as physical strength and mental balance Capoeira is now a popular activity across the world as its beauty and excitement have conquered the minds and the hearts of people everywhere.

For new students the class focuses on basic capoeira techniques and skills (defense, attack and in-betweens) and it is aimed at increasing coordination, flexibility and strength. Absolute beginners are welcome to join our classes class any time.

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(3 Reviews)


Attended: Capoeira Open

Totally great and amazing experience! Glad to return to the roda!

Scott M.

Attended: Capoeira Open

Scott M. gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

Jeron w.

Attended: Capoeira Open

Jeron w. gave this class 4 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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Arte Capoeira Center
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