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Hod Lipson is a roboticist who works in the areas of artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing. He and his students love designing and building robots that do what you’d least expect robots to do: Self replicate, self-reflect, ask questions, and even be creative. 

Hod's research asks questions such as: Can robots ultimately design and make other robots? Can machines be curious and creative?  Will robots ever be truly self-aware? Answers to these questions can help illuminate life’s big mysteries.

An award-winning researcher, teacher, and communicator, Lipson enjoys sharing the beauty of robotics though his books, essays, public lectures, and radio and television appearances. ​Hod is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, where he directs the Creative Machines Lab, which pioneers new ways to make machines that create, and machines that are creative.

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Artificial Intelligence - Strategies and Tactics


Attended: Artificial Intelligence - Strategies and Tactics

Hod’s ability to explain the current AI trends, applications and utilization for businesses is absolutely inspiring. He’s a truly an invaluable source of technical and real life knowledge that is always willing to be of assistance even after the course. Highly recommend!

Artificial Intelligence - Strategies and Tactics

Ross Levine

Attended: Artificial Intelligence - Strategies and Tactics

I attended the class with approximately 40 business owners of large enterprise organizations as part of our continuing education series for our group. This class was the most well received class of the three years and approximately 20 classes we have had. The instructor - Professor Lipson - is the perfect combination of academic and real world relevance. Put simply the class was absolutely captivating! Any time spent learning from or listening to Professor Lipson will be time well spent!

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