Vanessa Richardson

Teaches at Edge Studio Voice Actor Casting & School

Vanessa Richardson is an English and Spanish voice coach. Some of her projects include:
 -Narration for two nationally syndicated television series. -Narration for programs aired on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the History Channel, PBS and a seven-part series for the We Network. -Being paired with Sigourney Weaver’s voice for the Planet Earth Press Kit. -Being paired with Harrison Ford for the Ocean Health Index Series Promos. -Museum Installation narration for the Louisville Science Center. The educational series “Geography for Students” for Schlessinger Media. "Bees Buzz and Lions Roar", A children’s DVD in English and Spanish, and countless children’s computer-based/e-learning lessons for K12. -E-Learning for Harley Davidson, Boeing, NIKE and Verizon. -Internet and Website narration for Huggies and PSAs for the Red Cross and DHS/FEMA, among others. -Live Announcement / VOG for Smithsonian’s Hispanic Heritage Month Gala and the 10th Anniversary of their Latino Center. -National and local commercials for PBS, FILA, Comcast SportsNet, Charter Communications, Let's Dish! and Bowl America. -Animated characters for Fallout3, K12 Children’s Educational series and the voice characterization of Daisy Suckley in a History Channel biography of FDR.

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