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Steve North
Beginning as actors and a comedy team themselves. Barb and Steve headlined clubs and colleges and appeared on over 30 network and syndicated television shows before taking their careers behind the camera, writing and producing. Their talent roster of actors and comedians have appeared on Nickelodeon, Disney, Showtime, Comedy Central and the major networks.

Barb North

The shorter half of the married writing, producing, managing, performing team of Barb and Steve North, the Barb began her career touring comedy and folk clubs with Steve and appeared on over 30 network and syndicated television shows in the late 70's and early 80's- before moving behind the camera. Writing and producing, the North's were Head Writers of the late 80's rendition of The Gong Show and wrote or produced for many others including Candid Camera, Make Me Laugh, Bachelor Party and Switcheroo. In 1992, the North pair created the successful home base for standup comedians at the L.A. Connection in Los Angeles, which, now in it's twelfth year, continues to offer private coaching, workshops and Industry Showcases for beginning and experienced comedians to have support, feedback and a safe place to grow. 

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