Charlie Brown

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Charlie loves Agile! He has been using Agile thoughts throughout his 30-year career in software development in some form or the other. He began to train as a ScrumMaster and then an Agile Coach to spread the agile mind-set and mentor and counsel other like-minded Agile professionals.

As an Agile Coach SPC4, an Agile ScrumMaster, an ICAgile Certified Professional and an Innovation Games Certified Orange Belt Collaboration Architect, Charlie specializes in helping people in different roles work better together. His aim is to help teams work faster and be better at responding to change whether they are remote/distributed or local. 

The ideal Agile Coach or ScrumMaster (Scrum Master) is described by many adjectives – especially Teacher, Mentor, Facilitator, and Servant-Leader. Charlie uses distributed tools to work with remote team members. His career and volunteer jobs have gone beyond instruction and training to forge these critical attributes into his personality, which he uses effectively to advise budding teams.

He has a strong background working with people in different roles. He is a lifelong learner and has a broad network of contacts.

His specialties and certifications include: SAFe, Agile, Scrum, Java, Cucumber, C, C++, Some Ruby on Rails, Embedded systems, Troubleshooting, Windows, Linux, UNIX, OS-X, Remote/distributed Tools: Sococo and Zoom, Trello and Leankit, Agile Tools: Jira and VersionOn.

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