Latha Swamy

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Latha is an Agile Practices Leader and Transformation Consultant based in the Silicon Valley who focuses on practices that elevate organizational performance and quality of life for all people.

Latha has worked with companies such as Zynga, Symantec, if(we), Visa, GE, SourceMedical and various bay area Startups. Years ago as a doctoral student in Lean Manufacturing Engineering, she started her career with the one of the Big 3 car manufacturers bringing Lean, ToC, TPC practices to designing flexible assembly lines with a focus on improving throughput. Later she brought these concepts along with other SAFe agile practices to technology product development organizations.

Latha is passionate about cultivating cultures and mindsets that allow for value creation and collaboration as well as promoting alignment between the leadership vision and management objectives and teams day-to-day work.
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