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Classes Washington, DC

Metal Lathe SBU

at TechShop DC-Arlington - Arlington
2110-B Crystal Dr, Arlington, Virginia 22202

The lathe is used to create detailed cylindrical or tapered objects in plastic or metal. In this Safety and Basic Use course (SBU), learn the basic operations of metal turning on the lathe to safely select speeds, select and change cutting tools, use the digital readout, and secure work to make accurate cuts. Explore the theory of how to choose the...

Level 1 Beginner Soccer Skills

at DC Soccer Sessions - Southwest Washington, D.C.
401 I St SW, Washington, District of Columbia 20024

For beginners with little or no past experience with soccer. The sport is new to you, or you have not played it in years. This class will review basic technique, soccer skills, and rules of the game. Covers dribbling, passing, shooting, offense, and defense.

Wednesday Oct 25th, 6:15pm

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The DC Bliss Marriage Seminar

at Aish Seminars - North Bethesda
6125 Montrose Rd, Rockville, Maryland 20852

With over 10 years and thousands of participants, the BLISS Relationship Seminar is by far the most popular marriage program in the DC region. It's an incredibly entertaining way to a winning relationship. Improve your marriage and your parenting. One of the first things you will be amazed to learn is not only how fun the program is, but how these...


7 sessions

Thursday Oct 26th, 7:30pm

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Adult Fitness Boot Camp

at Ariel Bright Fitness - Logan Circle
1440 N St NW Ste 8, Washington, District of Columbia 20005

Boot Camp is a high energy, total body strength and conditioning calorie burning workout! You will enjoy the camaraderie and encouragement from myself, and other like-minded boot campers throughout the hour session. Be prepared to increase your metabolism, improve your stamina, and feel much better then you did before you started the class! You should...

Georgetown Foodie Tour

at Mangia DC Food Tours - Cleveland Park
3430 Connecticut Ave NW Ste 11177, Washington, District of Columbia 20008

Our Food Tour is over a mile walking tour during which we taste cuisine from various local eateries and burn off calories walking through the Georgetown area of Washington DC. A knowledgeable guide with a passion for food guides you to learn about the history, architecture, and culture of the Georgetown area while stopping for tastings at eateries...


at Lamaze International - DC Chapter - Silver Spring
1217 Highland Dr, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) provide a comprehensive 2 1/2 hour class. This class is an absolute must for you if you wish to breastfeed. While breastfeeding is a natural process, there are many facets to learning how to have a good milk supply and to preventing difficulties. Staffing issues in the hospital limit how much time can...

TIG Welding 2 - Aluminum

at TechShop DC-Arlington - Arlington
2110-B Crystal Dr, Arlington, Virginia 22202

After completing the TIG Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class, you can try your skills in a different material. Aluminum has characteristics that require specific equipment setup, metal preparation, and torch operation. In this class, you will practice specific joints and improve weld bead quality under the guidance of an instructor. Lap, butt, corner,...

Friday Oct 20th, 5pm

Woodshop Access

at TechShop DC-Arlington - Arlington
2110-B Crystal Dr, Arlington, Virginia 22202

Learn how to safely operate the core woodshop tools in this Access class (formerly Safety and Basic Use).  After this class member's will have access to the SawStop table saw, sliding compound miter saw, drill press, band saw, and belt and disk sanders. Learn to set up straight cuts (rip and crosscut), mitered cuts, curved cuts, smooth edges,...

Not Your Mama's Cupcake

at L'Academie de Cuisine - Bethesda
5021 Wilson Ln, Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Go beyond the basics and learn how to make cupcakes that rival plated desserts!   ON THE MENU: Marshmallow filled Choc Cupcakes (marshmallow fluff, ganache, chocolate cupcakes)  Lemon Meringue Cupcakes (yellow cupcakes, lemon curd, swiss meringue) Chocolate Dipped Red Velvet Cupcakes (red velvet cupcakes, white chocolate cream cheese)...

Friday Oct 20th, 5:30pm

Silver Enameling/Kiln SBU

at TechShop DC-Arlington - Arlington
2110-B Crystal Dr, Arlington, Virginia 22202

The art of enameling (fusing glass to metal) is especially beautiful on pure silver and can be used to make a variety of striking pieces. In this class, you'll create colorful designs using fine-ground glass powders that are applied to silver using a variety of techniques and then fused by firing in a high temperature kiln.  Layers of color can...

Friday Oct 20th, 5:30pm

Monuments at Night

at Washington Photo Safari - Southwest Washington, D.C.
2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20037

Washington DC’s National Mall is the showcase of the nation’s capital, home to its most famous and historic monuments. One of the best ways to see it is through the viewfinder of your own tripod-mounted camera at twilight and at night, guided by a professional architectural photographer. After giving an orientation on the basic techniques of nighttime...

Friday Oct 20th, 6pm

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A Taste of Rio's Carnival

at L'Academie de Cuisine - Bethesda
5021 Wilson Ln, Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Learn how to make a delicious full meal as if you were in Rio de Janeiro- appetizer, main course and dessert.   ON THE MENU: Casquinha de siri (Stuffed crab shells)  Moqueca (fish stew) with garlic rice and brigadeiro (sort of chocolate truffle).

Friday Oct 20th, 6:30pm

American Smooth Tango/V. Waltz - Beginner & Up Bronze

at Forever Dancing Ballroom - Bailey's Crossroads
5818-B Seminary Rd, Falls Church, Virginia 22041

7 week series of American Smooth Tango/V. Waltz classes taught by Dance Instructor, Competitor and Choreographer Fabio Bonini.

Friday Oct 20th, 6:45pm

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Restorative Yoga

at Freed Bodyworks - Capitol Hill
1337 Pennsylvania Ave SE , Washington, District of Columbia 20003

Restorative yoga is a great way to slow down from our busy lives and encourage mindfulness and a deep sense of relaxation. You will be guided into supported Yoga poses and then allowed to breath ease into all of the tight places. Restorative Yoga helps to enrich our mind-body connection, allowing us to slow down and check in.

DC After Dark Tour

at Loba Tours - Swampoodle
400 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20001

The DC After Dark Tour is a comprehensive tour with one of the DC tour guides from Loba Tours.  Guests are going to all the monuments & memorials while giving fascinating facts to make every visit in DC a memorable one.  You will love the DC After Dark Tour, guests will fully engaged and entertained while visiting the wonderful attractions...

Friday Oct 20th, 7:30pm

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