Chelsea Classical Studio

Chelsea, New York, New York
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Chelsea Classical Studio is a small studio that offers drawing and painting classes, with a focus on improving students' foundations by working on exercises and projects that aim to improve students' weaknesses. The classes are small, from 3-10 people, with individualized curriculums. Most students are looking to improve their skills in drawing or painting the figure and portrait.

Founded by Portrait Artist Brandon Soloff.

The enduring legacy of a fine arts education is not just an appreciation of great accomplishments and styles, but to create a structure to give visual form to what is seen, known and felt, and thus provide a basis from which to develop.

The Chelsea Classical Studio strongly believes that critical thinking and diverse points of view are very important factors in an artist’s education and development. Featuring experienced artists working alongside students and providing instruction, critiques, demonstrations and a constant exchange of ideas, it seeks to bring together visual artists of various mediums, skill levels, backgrounds and ages. Applicants will be carefully considered and chosen based on art experience, education, and a demonstrated passion and willingness to learn.

Expand the depth of artistic education. Artist should study their materials, practice basic skills, and develop personal methods which play into their natural tendencies.


What are some of your most popular classes that you offer on CourseHorse? 
Some of our most popular classes are Constructing and Composing the Figure and the Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting.  

How long have you been in business? Can you share a bit more about your history? 
We've been in business for three years this 2016. The school was founded by a few painters using a shared teaching space to offer figure drawing classes.  

What is your average class size? 
Our average class size is eight students. 

What is your typical student like? What are their goals?
Our students are typically trying out drawing, some are more advanced and pursuing it as a profession. 

Can you recommend activities to do in the neighborhood before or after class? 
We're right near the High Line.

Reviews of Chelsea Classical Studio

(178 Reviews)

Sumin H.

Attended: Drawing from Life

Instructor was thoughtful and clever. His teaching is really helpful to me.

Francesca D.

Attended: Drawing from Life

Perfect for artists, amazing atmosphere


Attended: Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting

I enrolled under the assumption the class was fundamentals ie for beginners. The class was beyond too advanced for me. The class and teacher were by no means friendly or helpful. I would like to rescind my enrollment and look for another basic class if possible.

Rachel K.

Attended: Drawing from Life

It was really great and very informative. Much better than previous courses I've taken.

Daniel M.

Attended: Drawing from Life

Very professional and friendly people atmosphere . Teacher gave great instruction and direction. Definitely one of the better Art class experiences I’ve ever had and look forward to taking more in the future.

Ellen Z.

Attended: Drawing from Life

Was definitely quick poses. Most of class seemed to be know each other and myself and other person were add ins. Instructor was good giving general tips and spent some time with me. Was pleased

Susan L H.

Attended: Drawing from Life

Pretty good class, instructor very helpful,... only because I haven’t been drawing in such a long time, I found some of the model’s poses hard to capture in a series of gesture drawings. However, I liked the vibe with other students. I enjoyed the class!


Attended: Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting

This was my first drawing classes. The teachers conveyed and illustrated techniques that guide the creation of a drawing.

Israel D.

Attended: Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting

Class is poorly organized with little or no organization and even less instruction. This class is not designed for one who is a beginner, wanting to study freehand drawing and should not be advertised as such.

Kendra B.

Attended: Painting from Life: Alla Prima

This was a very informative class. The instructor gave very useable feedback and came around every 15-20 minutes or so. The other members of the class were friendly, and overall, it was a great environment to work in.

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526 W 26th St Ste 415, New York, New York 10001
Chelsea Classical Studio
Chelsea, Manhattan
526 W 26th St Ste 415
Btwn 10th & 11th Avenues
New York, New York 10001

Upcoming Classes at Chelsea Classical Studio

Painting from Life: Alla Prima
Next start date:

Friday May 25th, 9am

Constructing and Composing the Figure
Next start date:

Friday May 25th, 1pm

Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting
Next start date:

Monday May 28th, 9am

Drawing from Life
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Wednesday May 30th, 1pm