The Art Studio NY

The Art Studio NY

Upper West Side, New York, New York
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Let go of daily stresses and express yourself authentically as you let our expert art instructors nurture you with the warmth, inspiration and care that we're famous for. Come and express yourself from the heART at New York City's #1 art school for all ages and levels, The Art Studio NY! Art Classes in NYC that are guaranteed to transform you both on and off the canvas. In our popular Manhattan art classes, enjoy our one-of-a-kind art classes as you explore authentic self-expression, creativity and artistic technique.

Who are our art classes in New York City for?
YOU! Ages 2-102. Every level welcome, including absolute beginners. 

Our inspiring art classes in Manhattan are catered and created just for YOU. Your needs and interests are our #1 priority. We nurture every student in our New York City art classes with individualized, encouraging one-on-one art instruction. All of our NYC art classes are purposely kept small. We love showering our students with inspiration and a lot of personal attention in every art class! We custom-create our art classes in NYC to fit your needs. 

We're not your average art school.
Every New York City art class that we offer is uniquely created for you with true warmth and care. We welcome every age and artistic level in our New York City art classes, and we specialize in Manhattan art classes for total beginners. Everyone needs to express themselves. Our expert creative art class team specializes in drawing out the artist from within you. Our mission is for you to relax, be your true self, feel inspired and genuinely express yourself in our caring, encouraging creative art sanctuary! We care about every single person who walks through our art studio doors, and we treat our students like family. YOU ARE DEEPLY IMPORTANT TO US. From the day we opened in 2004, the media (NBC, ABC, E!, The Village Voice, Manhattan Magazine, The Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, and more...) has raved about our uniquely uplifting NYC art classes. We have been rated the best art classes in New York City year after year.

Through every one of our art classes on the Upper West Side and throughout Manhattan, you will leave happier and more fulfilled than when you arrived... and you will have beautiful artwork in hand to display on your walls as a symbol of how creative you truly are! 

Reviews of The Art Studio NY

(566 Reviews)
Beginner’s Watercolor Workshop

Katie B.

Attended: Beginner’s Watercolor Workshop

This was a great class where I learned a lot. The instructor was patient and always happy to review any techniques that we reviewed in class. I enjoyed getting tips on improving and working on different subjects to get a lot of overall experience!

Beginner's Watercolor Painting


Attended: Beginner's Watercolor Painting

The class was good and the teacher was good. But some of the work was to uniform and I don’t think that’s a good way to teach beginners to do their artwork. In life flowers are not uniform and should not be painted as such. They are random. Otherwise I learned a lot from that class and enjoyed it. I felt like the teacher was very easy-going with the students and good for a beginner class.

Fear-Free Drawing: Portrait & Figure Drawing - Online

Nadine B.

Attended: Fear-Free Drawing: Portrait & Figure Drawing - Online

Chris is an excellent teacher and the curriculum provided opportunities to learn and practice key concepts! So well planned and exceptionally well executed! Fun, fun, fun!

Fear-Free Drawing 101


Attended: Fear-Free Drawing 101

Very good class!

Fear-Free Drawing 101


Attended: Fear-Free Drawing 101

Great instructor, Great class!

Comics, Cartoons and Manga Drawing (Ages 8-13)

Melissa M.

Attended: Comics, Cartoons and Manga Drawing (Ages 8-13)

My 12 year old son loved it. He said it was lots of fun!

Fear-Free Drawing Workshop

Richard G.

Attended: Fear-Free Drawing Workshop

I enjoyed it. The instructor was supportive. I wish she would offer additional sessions.

Fear-Free Drawing Workshop

Joan S.

Attended: Fear-Free Drawing Workshop

Amy is lovely. Just sitting for 2 hours and drawing was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot.

Beginner's Acrylic Painting (Single Session)

Alex P.

Attended: Beginner's Acrylic Painting (Single Session)

The class was very disappointingly cancelled about a half an hour before scheduled.

Fear-Free Drawing Workshop

LauraLeigh Y.

Attended: Fear-Free Drawing Workshop

The class was perfect for a beginner. The instructor went at a nice pace, did a great job managing the challenges of online instruction, answered questions and provided feedback.

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145 W 96th St Ste #1B, New York, New York 10025
The Art Studio NY
Upper West Side, Manhattan
145 W 96th St Ste #1B
Btwn Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues
New York, New York 10025

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