Carolee Goodgold

Teaches at Edge Studio Voice Actor Casting & School

Carolee has earned a living singing and speaking for over 30 years! She has been called “the girl Robin Williams” because of her versatility and humor. She has recorded Jingles, Records, Song Parodies, Industrial Shows, Children’s Books, Anime, Audiobooks, Toys, Video Games, Workout Tapes, TV Themes, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Musicals and anything else one can sing or speak on! Some of her clients include: Cheerios, IBM, Cingular, Dentyne, Verizon, Jello, Downy, American Express, Merill Lynch, Napier and many more. She has sung with Carly Simon, Larry Gatlin, Rosie O’ Donnell, The Chieftains, Keely Smith and more. She has also written, performed, musically directed, and directed many corporate shows. Her anime credits include: Runner Kuromi, Photon: The Idiot Adventures, and RG Veda.

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