David Fung and Veronica Samos

Teaches at Manhattan Shaolin Kungfu & Qigong, Inc

Veronica Samos

Veronica has always loved martial arts and was actively practicing when a friend took her to one of the first Shaolin Wheel of Life shows in the late 1990s. It combined history, Chan (Zen) meditation, music and other elements of Chinese culture with a fantastic performance of martial arts. Although learning Shaolin was still a few years away, this show was the moment she was inspired to learn the Shaolin martial arts.

In 2004, Veronica started her training with Shifu Guolin and his brother Shifu Chao Hai in Manhattan. Although Shaolin arts did not come naturally to her, it was exactly what she wanted – training for mind, body and spirit. Ten years later, Veronica is still fascinated with the curriculum. What started out as a fun way to stay fit evolved into a deep passion for the art.

Veronica is currently an instructor with Fit 4 Life Kids teaching martial arts in their enrichment programs to school children. She participates regularly in performances, workshops and special projects. One of her most memorable experiences was assisting choreographers for one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

Veronica has found that Shaolin training and culture brings together a wonderful community of artistic, passionate and compassionate people. She believes that Shaolin Kung fu is a great contribution to humanity and enjoys teaching and sharing it. In 2010 when Shifu Guolin asked her to teach, she humbly accepted and feels privileged to be able to share his teaching and this profound tradition.

David Fung

David is a 35th generation Shaolin disciple, given the name Heng Tong. He has trained in martial arts since the age of 12. He has experience in contemporary and traditional Shaolin kung fu, qi gong, and tae kwon do. He holds black belts in taekwondo and has trained in several of the arts of Shaolin including san da (boxing), chin na (grappling), and iron body, specializing in Zen finger and diamond finger. David has trained under 34th generation disciples Master Guolin and Master Chao Hai of the Shaolin Temple. David is a member of the Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters Performance Team and a company member of the performing arts troupe DCNY and has performed martial arts demonstrations at many different events and locations internationally and around New York tri-state area. Some notable venues include the United Nations, the Chinese Embassy, Caesar’s Casino, the NYC premiere for the movie Shaolin, and the Met. David has judged and competed in several international martial arts tournaments with first place finishes, and has worked on martial arts choreography with different groups, including Madonna and Theatre Group Dzieci. In addition to his martial arts training, David is certified in Shaolin History and Philosophy. David also teaches at the New York Chinese Cultural Center.