Brandon Speers

Teaches at General Assembly

Brandon currently works at 360i, an advertising agency here in Atlanta, and has worked with a variety of clients including: Equifax, Cox Automotive, Terminix, TruGreen, and more. As an Associate Media Director, I specialize in SEM, but also collaborate across all forms of digital media including Display, Programmatic, and Native advertising. I have personally led the charge in organizing and expanding training offerings at my current job, and I believe passionately in teaching others to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Brandon is a lifelong Atlanta who studied business and marketing at Georgia Tech while also being a major sports fan of the team and all Atlanta pro teams. I now have a 4-month old son who, in my unbiased opinion, is the cutest baby alive! After the birth of my son, a friend and I launched our own podcast all about parenting, with a specific focus on the point of view of dads. Check out the Dadsplaining podcast by following us on Facebook or Twitter @dadsplainingpod!​

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