Manhattan, New York, New York
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The school, located in Greenwich Village, is owned by Abigail Hitchcock. It has been open for almost 13 years, something of a record in Manhattan.

The cooking classes in in this school offer a unique experience of learning in a working restaurant kitchen. (If there’s a sudden rush, students stand back!) There are also tours in various New York City neighborhoods—Chinatown Shop and Cook is a perennially sold-out favorite. In another popular cooking class, One Night Stand, the student/chef works with Abby to plan, cook and serve family and friends a meal at the restaurant.

Reviews of Camaje

(171 Reviews)


Attended: Lovers’ Menu for Valentine’s Day III

Great service and the teacher was informative. Highly recommended.


Attended: Serious Chocolate

The instructor talks too much. It makes it seem like you will make all the items on the menu, but you actually only ending up making one - this makes $125 too much. Also the kitchen is really small. On a positive note, the recipes were good!

Zenia K.

Attended: Sushi Basics

It was a really nice class. I learned a ton and Abby is wonderful. The restaurant is so quaint and cute and everyone was so very sweet.

David L.

Attended: Farm-to-Table Menu

This class was cancelled at the last minute and I joined another class Good Summer Grub by the same provider Camaje! It's a quaint little restaurant with a homey feel, good service, good food and the executive chef Abby Hitchcock is knowledgeable and proficient as a chef. She gave us good information and instruction on cooking in a professional kitchen. We did prep work for the meal we eventually ate like chopping onions, shallots, garlic, making biscuit dough, cutting wax beans and learning knife techniques. She talked about spices, where she buys her produce, meats, cheeses, etc. We did not get to cook our own meal. She did all the cooking of the appetizer, main dish and dessert. The kitchen is small and the class of 5 people made it crowded as the chef on duty for that evening was cooking simultaneously for the dinner customers as we had our class. Nonetheless it was a good learning experience of a working professional restaurant. It's not an easy business but Camaje has been there 18 years, so, Bravo!


Attended: A Taste of Maine in Greenwich Village

I learned properly how to hold and work with a long knife, in addition to the proper mixing of ingredients.I liked how Abbie took random questions we raised, along with her patience and real hands on. However, We began about 40 minutes late, after us having to rush to make the class in time.No snacks were offered to tie us over, and water was offered about 35 minutes later during this hot wait ,in 90 degree weather. We were later iffered a gkass f wine, as well. There were some nasty interruptions on the part of 1 or 2 people during part of our time there, making for an unpleasant , uncomfortable surrounding. As for the menu itself, I was pleased with the outcome, delicious lobster rolls, potato salad and blue berry cake. I was just surprised we didn't perhaps add a side cucumber, dill salad or some green veggie or beets. Annie was, in spite of the interruptions, a kind, helpful mentor who delivered her product and expertise as best she by J.P.

Frankie D.

Attended: Sushi Basics

Abby was fun, knowledgable and gracious. A very nice learning experience!

Ridhima T.

Attended: Serious Chocolate

Great instructor! Although lack of individual work stations was disappointing.

Raymond C.

Attended: Shop & Cook: Chinatown for Fish

Everything that I was looking for. Chef Abby was very knowledgeable, really cared about her students, and the course was very hands on.

Renee F.

Attended: Shop & Cook: Chinatown for Fish

Awesome class. I learned so much. Abby was great!

Chloe V.

Attended: Knife Skills

Learned A LOT, excellent teacher, very enthusiastic and easy going. Would definitely recommend.

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