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The school, located in Greenwich Village, is owned by Abigail Hitchcock. It has been open for almost 13 years, something of a record in Manhattan.

The cooking classes in in this school offer a unique experience of learning in a working restaurant kitchen. (If there’s a sudden rush, students stand back!) There are also tours in various New York City neighborhoods—Chinatown Shop and Cook is a perennially sold-out favorite. In another popular cooking class, One Night Stand, the student/chef works with Abby to plan, cook and serve family and friends a meal at the restaurant.

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(185 Reviews)


Attended: Classic French Fare for a Spring Night

Amazing food and awesome instructor. Learned cool tricks and really enjoyed my time.

Andrea T.

Attended: Shop & Cook: Chinatown for Fish

Incredible! Abby was so knowledgeable and passionate. We all started as strangers and ended as friends. It was a delightful day. The food was amazing and the experience was lovely. She closed down the whole restaurant and offered us wine, mimosas, coffee, and anything else we needed. I want to do it again :)

Rob O.

Attended: Shop & Cook: Chinatown for Fish

Amazing, so helpful, I will definitely be back to try another class

Farzad K.

Attended: Classic French Fare for a Spring Night

Chef was very nice and knowledgeable. Excellent experience!

JennyLynne H.

Attended: Hearty French Menu

I almost don't want to leave a review for fear word will get out but this class was amazing. Abby was fantastic and her passion really comes through when she's explaining what weMre doing and why. The atmosphere was great and everything we made was delicious. I can't say enough great things and can't wait to come to another class!


Attended: A Taste of Thai

It was a very nice social event the chef was lovely. I am an avid Thai culture fan & really love authenticity in all endeavors .. I was disappointed that she hadn't been to south east Asia & it was more American Thai. We missed a few ingredients but overall it's still a fun night out. If u love American Thai food this is for u. If u have traveled to the country u may b let down

Evan B.

Attended: Shop & Cook: Chinatown for Fish

We had a lot of fun. Abby was very knowledgeable and hospitable

amy P.

Attended: Elegant French Dinner

Course was all that I wanted to be and more. Chef Abby taught from her heart and each recipe shows her talent and love for cooking. All in attendance helped prepare meal in warm, intimate environment.


Attended: Lovers’ Menu for Valentine’s Day III

Great service and the teacher was informative. Highly recommended.


Attended: Serious Chocolate

The instructor talks too much. It makes it seem like you will make all the items on the menu, but you actually only ending up making one - this makes $125 too much. Also the kitchen is really small. On a positive note, the recipes were good!

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